Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The Chinese had the right idea...

In the ancient times, before there was enough history for the history channel to even think about existing, there lived a man named Laozi.
Laozi founded a school of thought called Daoism, which turned out to be pretty popular among the billions (then just a few horny handfuls) of Chinese people in the world.

Wu-wei means never questioning the growth of your eyebrows
One of the main themes behind Daoism was the concept of wu-wei - the seemingly simple but cosmically complex concept of acting without first thinking.

This state of lowered-inhibitions is one most people across our country strive for on a weekly basis. When kids go out and drink Lambrini in the park, when 18-20something year olds neck back shots in the clubs, or when Mum and Dad recline on the sofa and slowly see off a bottle of wine in the house - we're all trying to reach wu-wei. Only the Daoists did it without quite so much liver disease, financial strife and morning after regrets.

"I am so fucking zen right now."
If Laozi could overcome the hardships and pressures to conform of his day - which were far more likely to result in death than those of mine - then I don't see why I shouldn't too. So I suppose that's my goal for the year: to stop thinking about things too much; to act when I get the urge to; and to worry about the future when I get there. In short, I intend to progress through this year the same way I entered it, and live like I'm drunk.

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