Friday, 11 May 2012

Things I know to be true (but often forget) pt. 1

So I found myself devoid of any reason to actually use this blog space. It had no real direction or aim. But I've started a new project for myself, and so now I finally have a reason to use this space again. It's called 'Things I know to be true (but often forget)'.
Every once in a while, in my life, I'll have an epiphany; my eyes will be thrown open to a fundamental realisation which is so revelational that I feel the need to imbue every essence of my being with it. But, more often than not, I'll find that I've already had this epiphany before. Several times. And it never really took hold.
I'm getting tired of experiencing the same epochs time and time again, so I've decided to make note of their causes.
Blogging seemed less extreme than getting them tattooed on my body.

So, Things I know to be true (but often forget) pt. 1:

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